101 Ideas To Save Money In New Zealand 2019

Here is a big list of ideas for you to save money living in New Zealand 2019. Share with your friends!

Tip #1

#1 Stop collecting, and start selling. Get rid of useless things and get some money.

If you have a lot of useless things all around the house or hidden somewhere just sell things you don’t need. You have to think carefully do you really use this item or not.

Tip #2

#2 Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it. 

The list not only won’t let you forget what to buy but also restrict from buying things you don’t need or didn’t plan to buy.

Tip #3

#3 Invite friends over instead of going out. Watch movies or rugby.

Spending time with friends should not be expensive. Instead of going to the cinema watch Netflix together. Also you can play board games or have a dinner.

Tip #4

#4 Don’t spend big money entertaining your children.

Spend time with them. There are plenty of things to do together without spending a fortune.

Tip #5

#5 Buy only things you really need. Or ones you will enjoy for sure.

Buy only items with good reviews that you need. Do not risk. New movie? Go for an award-winning or with high ratings be sure it is good.

Tip #6

#6 Drink more water. Drink before each meal 

It is not only healthy but has financial benefits, too. Drink a glass of water before each meal to eat less and spend less on food.

Tip #7

#7 Buy a water bottle instead of bottled water.

Good to have a bottle you can always refill with water instead of buying expensive fizzy drinks, coffee, etc.

Tip #8

#8 Quit smoking – save a fortune.

Stop spending money and be healthy. You know this, right?

Tip #9

#9 Turn off the lights and unplug devises you don’t use.

All electronic devices consume energy when plugged in. And turn off the light, of course.

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Tip #10

#10 Install a programmable thermostat to save while you are out

Programmable thermostat will not work while you are out and consume less when you are in.

Tip #11

#11 Plan all your meals around what’s on sale

Easy way to save on food. But check quality and expiry dates.

Tip #12

#12 Make your own when you can (bread, etc)

It could be way cheaper to make your own bread that buy one every week.

Tip #13

#13 Cancel unused membership and subscriptions.

Don’t pay for services you don’t use. As simple as that.

Tip #14

#14 Do holiday shopping right after the holidays. 

After Mother’s Day, Easter,  Halloween, Christmas or other holiday there will be a chance to buy everything in advance. Plan for next year for cheap!

Tip #15

#15 Prepare you lunch at home. Don’t go out.

Don’t go out for lunch. Prepare your lunch at home and save a lot of money every week.

Tip #16

#16 Stick to reliable, fuel-efficient cars.

If your car consume a lot of fuel consider changing it to economic one or even electric.

Tip #17

#17 Clean or change out your car’s air filter.

That can save your fuel on the long distance.

Tip #18

#18 Don’t go to the mall without real need.

If there no shops you cannot spend money =) Go when you really need it and stick to the list!

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Tip #19

#19 Rent out unused space in your home.

If you have a spare room or caravan try to rent it out. Airbnb could help you with that.

Tip #20

#20 Know all your debts and create a visual reminder of them

It is easy to remember when you can see it every day. Pay your debts first.

Tip #21

#21 Swap babysitting with trusted neighbours or friend nearby.

Help each other with babysitting rather than paying for nanny.

Tip #22

#22 Learn/ask how to fix things yourself (ones you, actually, can)

Learn or ask to teach you how to fix your car or repair something at home.

Tip #23

#23 Look for a cheaper place to live/rent

Look for a cheaper place to live. May be cheaper area or smaller room. Be aware of transport expenses.

Tip #24

#24 Check out free events nearby

Entertain yourself and spend time with friends paying nothing! =)

Tip #25

#25 Start a garden. Get healthy food and save.

Don’t need to buy if you have a garden!

Tip #26

#26 Take public transportation when you can.

Public transport is usually cheaper as you don’t need to pay for fuel and parking. Also no maintenance expenses in the long term.

Tip #27

#27 Rent out parking spaces

Rent out free space near your house and get money that easy.

Tip #28

#28 Do some basic home and auto maintenance on a regular schedule.

Check out and prevent any possible problems with your house or a car will save you a lot of money.

Tip #29

#29 Buy in bulk and check upcoming promotions.

Buy things like staples or toilet paper in bulk. Also check promotions to get even a better deal.

Tip #30

#30 Pack food for road trips. Save money and eat healthy food.

No reason to spend money on food while traveling if you can prepare it advance.

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Tip #31

#31 Check you mobile plans and your usage.

Again. Don’t pay for data, sms and mins that you don’t use.

Tip #32

#32 Consolidate your loans and repay them ASAP

Pay all your debts so you can get some more free money to allocate. Longer you wait more interest will need to pay.

Tip #33

#33 Learn about all of the benefits your company can offer you.

Ask you colleagues about benefits your company can offer. In most cases you can get a discount or something for free!

Tip #34

#34 Don’t over speed

Over-speeding you spend more money on gas and can get a ticket to pay.

Tip #35

#35 Read more instead of cinema or Netflix

Save money and spend time wisely.

Tip #36

#36 Air-seal your home

Do it and you won’t need to heat your house so often and spend on electricity that much.

Tip #37

#37 Cut down on your vacation spending

Hard to accept that but it saves a lot of money.

Tip #38

#38 Invest money

Even small consistent investment will make a difference over time. Choose wisely, it is risky.

Tip #39

#39 Search for a better rate on car/life insurances

There are always plenty of good offers and better plans. You may even get some more benefits from them.

Tip #40

#40 Buy cheap gas and use all possible discounts.

Look for cheaper gas and better discounts/loyalty programs.

Tip #41

#41 Take weight out of the car to save on fuel.

More weight inside the card – more fuel needed to run.

Tip #42

#42 Combine all you rides into one or couple.

Every time you stop your engine and start it again it consumes gas. Have longer trips instead!

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#43 Don’t go to the supermarket when your hungry.

It will make you subconsciously want to pick expensive meals.
Eat snacks or have a hearty meal at home instead before heading to the supermarket.

Tip #44

#44 Install solar panels when possible

Pay less for electricity! There are offers even with free panels

Tip #45

#45 Wash laundry in cold water

It is cheaper, of course =)

Tip #46

#46 Air-Dry Your Clothes

Save on drying, it is free!

Tip #47

#47 Don’t shop hungry.

As you will buy less =)

Tip #48

#48 Shop higher or lower than eye-level 

You then find better deals in a shop.

Tip #49

#49 Double check  your bills for errors.

Be sure you are getting  services you paid for.

Tip #50

#50 Negotiate/discuss expensive bills

Ask for discount or request a plan for your payments.

Tip #51

#51 Wait before you buy something over $200

Take your time before buying something expensive. Think twice about it.

Tip #52

#52 Pay with cash. 

Paying cash you can see your money flow.

Tip #53

#53 Search and use coupons or promo codes.

There good be really good offers. Easy to save =)

Tip #54

#54 Bye second hand and look for good deals.

Sometimes you can find really good clothes in second-hand shops.

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Tip #55

#55 Sign up for membership /loyalty programs

You can save money with loyalty programs with shops and brands you like the most.

Tip #56

#56 Learn how to cook better and cost-efficient.

Learn how to cook better and spend less on products.

Tip #57

#57 Cook in advance and freeze to it later

So you can buy in bulk and also save time and money. Well, that is not really healthy.

Tip #58

#58 Make your own coffee instead of buying it

It is cheaper to make your own coffee than buy it every day

Tip #59

#59 Don’t drink that much coffee.

Drink less – spend less. Choose water over coffee

Tip #60

#60 Use the library

It is free entertainment, useful and a lot of interesting people there.

Tip #61

#61 Put you change into a jar

Save your change. Use a jar or saving account.

Tip #62

#62 Monitor your financial situation

Do it all the time. Use free apps for that.

Tip #63

#63 Save at least some dollars every time you get paid

Small savings will help you in the future.

Tip #64

#64 Set saving goal and stick to it

Once again, you also may need a goal to make it easier. Just keep doing in slowly.

Tip #65

#65 Talk to your partner

Talk  and discuss your financial situation and goals

Tip #66

#66 Travel at the cheaper time

Takes leaves and travel when others working. Don’t go on big holidays.

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Tip #67

#67 Look for sales to buy tickets and other things

Check sales all the time and buy the cheapest things

Tip #68

#68 Keep an eye on exchange rates when travel

Exchange rate can be really tricky, be careful!

Tip #69

#69 Check your energy provider’s plan and compare

Always check your spending and plan.

Tip #70

#70 Rent a dress rather than buy new one

No need to buy expensive dress if you want to wear it once a year.

Tip #71

#70 Automate your debt payments and savings

You won’t forget about payment or do your savings then

Tip #72

#72 Pay your bills on time

Or you may pay extra interest.

Tip #73

#73 Avoid visits to corner gas stations

Prices there are higher. Just get full tank once.

Tip #74

#74 Be aware about additional fees may apply

Always check T&C and know possible fees.

Tip #75

#75 Avoid impulse spending

You may spend a fortune like this

Tip #76

#76 Visit trade me more often to get a good deal

There are plenty of good deals like staff, jobs and so on

Tip #77

#77 Cut  hair yourself or find a deal

Do it yourself or find a cheap barbershop/hairdresser

Tip #78

#78 Monitor pricing regularly

Check prices for some time before buying anything

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Tip #79

#79 Exchange DVD and others online

Exchange rather than buy new once. Easy to do online

Tip #80

#80 Go to movies on Tuesdays.

It is way cheaper and a lot of other discounts

#81 Collect Flybuys to buy some useful things

Use them to get something useful. It may save you some money

Tip #82

#82 Regularly checking tyre pressures in your cars

That may save you some dollars

Tip #83

#83 Avoid ‘just looking’ 

Especially, at things that are over your price range

Tip #84

#84 Avoid travelling cost 

Avoid when possible. Travel local.

Tip #85

#85 Book in advance

It is usually cheaper

Tip #86

#86 Check all booking prices 

Check for for possible savings

Tip #87

#87 Drive you car only when you are ready

Make sure you are not tired and feel good

Tip #88

#88 Plan out a weekly menu

You will buy only products you need and don’t go further

Tip #89

#89 Use Google maps instead of GPS

Don’t pay for GPS devises/services. Google Map is FREE

Tip #90

#90 Travel with friends

Travel together to  share all expenses

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Tip #91

#91 Don’t go to convenient store

When something is finished don’t pay more for convinience!

Tip #92

#92 Try to cut back on meat

Eat something cheaper from time to time.

Tip #93

#93 Try the store brands

It might be same quality but cheaper!

Tip #94

#94 Sugar cereals –  no nutrition.

You spend a lot for no nutrition.

Tip #95

#95 Keep an eye on the shop scanner

Always check prices you are going to pay. And something could be cheaper!

Tip #96

#96 Know what you are eating

Always read labels, don’t rush for just cheapest food

Tip #97

#97 Buy junk food as little as possible

Or don’t eat it at all – even better!

Tip #98

#98 Get creative with gifts

It might be same quality but cheaper!

Tip #99

#99 Stay busy

You won’t have time yo buy things you don’t need

Tip #100

#100 Separate living expenses and savings 

Pay rent in advance and make sure your living expenses are safe

Tip #101

#101 Earn more money

Search for new sources of income or ask for pay rise

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