Key to our customer service is the privacy of our customers. We take the upmost care to ensure that your confidentiality comes first. We clearly state how your information will be held in privacy under our terms and conditions. We believe that a major component of mutual trust and reassurance lies with the knowledge you can rely on our team of professionals to retain your information in full confidence.

You can rest assured AdvancedCash will respect your privacy when it comes to doing business with us. We value your business and treat our customers how we’d like to be treated. With us there’s no hidden fine print, it’s black and white. Simply put… you can feel the comfort of obtaining cash loans with ease and in full confidentiality.

Our confidentiality agreement includes:

  • Staking our namesake you’ll receive a professional and private transaction process
  • Non-disclosure of requested information
  • Only essential information about credit will be assessed
  • The peace of mind our mutual understanding will be held in your best interests and of the highest confidentiality

This approach leaves us with a trusted working relationship our customers appreciate. From our perspective, we completely understand the financial implications that you disclose to us to be a 100% guaranteed confidentiality agreement.  Your loan needs only requested criteria related to the loan. The process is completely transparent to both parties, so we establish trust with our customers and earn theirs in return. Whatever the arrangement, you can settle in full confidence your information is safe in our safely secured information systems.

We appreciate that trust between customer and service provider is absolutely essential for positive business practices. So that’s how we work; we cut the worries of fine print with our reputation. We value our customers’ confidentiality greatly. We appreciate your entrusting of us and believe mutual trust and respect between parties a vital part of conducting business.

We thank you for your time and will work to ensure your loan is carried out in complete confidentiality. Your best interests are our best interests. Rest assured our professional process will retain relevant information only between you and us. Please feel free to call our customer service team if you require any further information.

For further information regarding the full terms and policies we offer please feel free to read them here: Terms & Conditions