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Advanced Cash pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we can get your quick loan nz to you. Understanding the pace the world around us moves, we make it our prerogative to give you the convenience of hassle free fast money with the most user-friendly service available. We have a solution for getting fast cash with great service for everyone.

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Unplanned bills? Expenses you weren’t expecting?

Let us help ease your financial issue with a payday advance, showcasing the quick professional service we’re renowned for. It’s real loans in New Zealand.

Your funds can be in your account in 30 mins upon approval! That’s right, we can have cash deposited to your account in less time than it takes to order a pizza!


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We Value our Customers

A major component of why repeat customers happily return to us is the backbone of our service. Advanced Cash provides easy loans nz, fast cash loans nz with no strings or pesky lending conditions attached. Quick cash loans services that you can get.


Your engagement with us is fast and easy with one online application. We provide fast easy loans for you as fast as possible! Apply online or contact our friendly staff to get your quick cash loans nz!


With our all-online application process, your loan is rapidly processed through our experienced customer response team. And you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home! All we will require from you is current verification of employment and identity, from which we can proceed with the loan application.


Banks and other financial institutions take longer… We skip the boring stuff and get right to the important part. You don’t even need to meet us to do it! Borrow anywhere from $100- $1500 with the reliability and speed we can deposit your loan at for instantaneous access. And you can also apply with bad credit just with quick cash application!


Get in touch with us for finance now at the speed you need. Faster service means more time for you to get out and live. We understand your life shouldn’t be held up by a simple transaction. Give yourself more time by eliminating the competitors and choosing our superior services.  Make it easier on yourself with Advanced Cash. It’s in the name; advance your payday today!


Easier Repayment Options

We work alongside you, making sure your loan repayments are realistic for your lifestyle, with mutual understanding. Advanced offers the freedom with no more financial burdens bound by those annoying hidden costs and lending conditions.

There’s no hidden terms or conditions in our applications. This no-nonsense approach we take managing fast financing eliminates worries being stung later on like other financial institutions can do. Take peace of mind in our process and let us help you.

The faster you apply, the faster we get things moving. The faster we get things moving, the faster you have you can have cash in your pocket and a smile on your face!