No Credit Check Loans NZ
for our returning customers

What is no credit check loans?

Nowadays, every company does a credit check as they are committed to the Responsible Lending Code. Therefore, there still will be a credit check but you can get a loan even with bad credit. If you do not have a great credit rating, the good news is your application may still be assessed  considering your other financial circumstances.”No credit check loans” can be done only for returning customers and last credit checj was done less than 6 months ago.

Do I need a Credit Check?

We launched AdvancedCash with the vision of being the fastest and the most competitive loan provider on the NZ market. We still hold those values today, and guarantee the haste and professionalism that our trusted and reputable service provides. Our no credit check loans are here for this!
With us it’s all about helping get you from point A to point B financially in the most viable and effective way possible.

Launch your loan with us today, and you may be pleasantly surprised with our lenient loan criteria and how easily we can help you. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount, we treat our customers as we would be treated ourselves. We may not even have to do credit checks on our returning customers!

There’s always a chance that you’ll qualify with Advanced. You’ve got nothing to lose by applying right? Even if another lending company won’t approve you there’s a good chance we will. Our loans no credit checks nz are as flexible as an acrobat! You’ve got nothing to lose by applying. So apply today right here!


What’s the Credit Check?

At Advanced Cash we offer the flexibility of getting a loan without the restrictions many others may impose on you. We offer quick cash by completing the paperwork for you. All you need to do is simply apply to find out if you qualify. The application process is fast and simple.

Fill out a form and you’re good to go. We’ll make a decision very promptly after we receive your application; there’s no waiting around wondering whether you’ve qualified for your loan with us.

Credit is mostly assessed based on the overall stability of your personal financial affairs. In relation to income, we can sort a loan for you even if your weekly income is $300 or more, and we also consider applications with bad credit and defaults. In regards to your privacy, we value your it highly; and treat all applications with the upmost confidentiality and professionalism.


Do we Approve Loans with Bad Credit?

Short answer: Absolutely! We base our application assessments on your current credit situation and income. If another finance company won’t give you a loan, try us! We have a personal loan suited to your needs now.

With us, we give you the advantage of Advanced. We’ll check your credit so you don’t have to worry about no credit check loans. You won’t be waiting in line for a yes or no from us. We’ll process it for you and verify your loan application details at the same time, then give fast cash loans no credit check nz valuation for us to proceed your loan to get your cash fast.

You can check out our competitive credit criteria and information about how fast and efficiently we can approve loans even with bad credit!

Choose Advanced and apply today. Even with a bad credit rating, we can approve your loan. Stress less and get a loan with us today!


And your loan is approved!

Stop looking for no credit check loans! We leave financial assessments up to our dedicated analytics team, who have grown a reputation as some of the most competitive loan lenders in NZ. It’s as easy as that, and the worst that can happen is an application be turned down.
With the criteria we use to credit check your application, there’s always a chance you can get your loan approved.

When you apply with us, we make sure our service comes with the promise that we deliver to all our customers, of the service leading our field in loan lending practices. Our loans are renowned to be faster than Speedy Gonzales! Let us take care of the checking process to give you more time. You don’t have the time to check your old finances anyway!

The past is the past at Advanced Cash, we’re here to help now. We promptly and efficiently process credit checks throughout NZ, and always make sure we remain fully committed to your needs.

We never judge based solely on your previous financial history. We personalise our fast loans to everyday people, every day. Let us personalise a loan for you today. For you there’s no worry of credit checks, as the only way to find out is to apply! So apply today!