Personal Loans NZ

When do you need a personal loan?

So you need a personal loan… And don’t have time to worry about lengthy deposit times or time consuming bank managers. Advanced gives you the freedom of a quality loan provider at any time you need one.

There can be a myriad of monetary needs when you need a loan. Our application process is easy. It’s up to you what to do with it. We get loans to you fast and professionally. Give yourself a break from whatever is financially afflicting you today. We get on with things hastily, with quick cash loans and extremely competitive rates and fees at Advanced.

  • Need a loan for home improvements/small project?
  • Need a loan for your car?
  • Want to take that long-awaited holiday?
  • Need household items, TV, fridge etc.?
  • Need an emergency loan?
  • Unforeseen financial change of circumstance?

We’re here to help. Advance your finances with Advanced Cash today!


What Advanced Cash offers you:

We give out personal loans, specialising in unsecured loans  of up to $1500. With Advanced Cash we offer you that service second to none. With the speed of our real fast and professional management we apply to your loan, we can delete that debt to get your finances flowing again.

We provide same day processing for our fast loans, you can have cash in hand in only 90 minutes upon approval. And to make it even easier, you can do it all online yourself! With minimal documentation required for us to arrange a personal loan to suit you and a service you can rely on, choose Advanced and contact us today!



Advance your finances here!


We offer a variety of loans up to $1500. Whatever your situation, whatever you need cash for, when you need fast cash, Advanced has you covered. Our fees are totally transparent;

We value your time and we know you value it too, so we deliver direct and fast. We can have cash deposited to your account within 90 minutes or shorter on approval of application. We value your time and treat you fairly as an individual person. We take the time to personalise your loan to you. Advance your time- Giving you more clock in your day. Contact Advanced today!

Our loans are specifically designed for you and your individual loan requirements. We work alongside you to develop a plan which works mutually and beneficiary for you and us.

Mutual trust, transparent fees, and our competitive interest rates ensure our customers are satisfied with the service of our team of professionals. We can work on agreements catered to your income. Our personal loans and competitive rates will give you the edge over any other competitors out there.



Easy Borrowing and Repayment Options

Make repayments easy with our competitive interest rates and fee structure. With Advanced not only do you get the advantages of super-fast service, you get individualised repayment options which make it easier for you. Individually tailored to each customer, our personalising of our loans makes applying for a loan with Advanced straightforward and simple.

Simply put, we are very efficient with your application process and have very fast transfer times to deposit cash. You can have your cash in less time it would take you to drive to and from the bank managers’ desk for a loan. And repayments are so easy with us.

Efficiency… Excellence… These are the qualities we pride ourselves on. Apply Now!


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