Home Renovations in NZ – The Figures You Need to Know

Most family homes will eventually arrive at a time when renovation becomes a serious consideration. Growing children need their space, or the time has taken its toll, and the bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover. The inevitable question [...]

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10 Spending Habits That Hinders You From Saving

People who overspend share a few common traits which can be easy to change once they are made aware of them. When people find out where they're going wrong in their spending, it's easier for them to set up a [...]

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Debt Consolidation Loan: Easy Debt Management to Save the Day

Dealing with a number of personal loans can be a challenge. The fact that you make payments on different dates, you are paying different creditors who have their respective accounts. Since the repayment installments are different, keeping track of all [...]

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Financial Literacy: Learn to make informed decisions in managing financial resources

How we manage our financial resources largely depends on what we earn, our lifestyle and tastes.  Many of us do not realize the importance of managing our financial resources. We end up spending more than we have, putting us into [...]

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