Everybody appreciates the convenience of fast air travel and its ability to take you long distances fast. Whether it’s to visit exotic locations across the ocean or to make it to a business meeting and be back in time before dinner, more people are travelling by air these days.

The increasing number of travellers zipping through the airways means that cheap flights can be found in more places than ever before.   

easy travel hack to travel for cheap

However, just because jumping on a jet plane is more affordable than ever, doesn’t mean you should stop looking for value-adding flight hacks to shave a few more dollars off the ticket price.  The following air flight hacks should help you fly on a budget and keep more money for the fun stuff.

  1. Time Your Flight
how to travel for cheap

Certain weeks of the year are more popular for flying than others, but airlines still want to fill as many seats as possible on their slow days. Those wishing to fly on a budget can take advantage of this by choosing to travel when everyone else isn’t.

You may think a trip to Hawaii will be cheaper during their winter, but it’s when the Christmas crowds hit, and the surfers head for the big waves. China just after Christmas also attracts a premium price because this is when the entire country gets into full swing for Chinese New Year celebrations. And there’s no prize for guessing that Easter and Christmas are always pricy holiday periods whenever you decide to travel to western countries.

Whichever destination you choose to visit, you will most likely get cheap flights by arriving in the offseason, so you’ll need to do your research to find out when that is.

Choosing the right day to fly is one of the best-known flight hacks for jet setters who don’t need to stick to a strict schedule. Generally, you want to book your seat as far as away from the weekend as possible, which means Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the best days to fly on a budget.

2.      Use Flight Search Engines

Flight search engines are an excellent resource for finding cheap flights all in one location. Instead of scouring all the different airlines for the best value, flight search engines do most of the hard work for you.

All you need to do is type in your destination, and when you want to leave, and the search engine will do the rest. To get the best value out of flight search engines, be sure to pair using them with the following tip on going incognito.

3.      Use Incognito Mode on Your Browser

how to travel for cheap

If you’re an avid traveller and haven’t hidden your identity online, your favourite flight search engine could be tracking your every move when you’re checking ticket prices.

All websites use cookies to improve your online experience. However,  they can also record information about what you do online, such as the number of times you have checked out the latest prices for a destination.

If they know you’re keen on heading to Los Angeles this year because you keep coming back to that page, then they may be inclined to add a few more dollars to the ticket price for that destination. Incognito mode will keep the costs unbiased because they won’t know it’s you.

4.      Consider a Layover

consider a layover

Nonstop flights will usually work out as the most expensive options, which is why layaways are another popular flight hack for flying on a budget. You could even turn the layover into part of your holiday if you score one that gives you enough time to explore the local area.

5.      Consider Airlines you Have Never Heard of Before

The more popular airlines always attract the highest ticket prices because everyone knows and trusts them and wouldn’t think of travelling any other way. However, there are plenty of smaller airlines who can get you to where you are going just as reliably, but a lot cheaper.

6.      Book at the Last Minute

Book at the Last Minute

Booking at the last minute is one of the riskier flight hacks you will come across. If your schedule is wide open and it’s not a big deal if you don’t get a seat, you could save a bundle.

There will always be those last few seats airlines are desperate to fill, such as the middle seat between two businesspeople, or the aisle seat next to a couple. If you wait to the last minute, many airlines will drop the prices on these seats to lure in frugal travellers who need to fly on a budget.

If you’re travelling with a large group or family and separate seating next to strangers doesn’t bother you, this is one of those flight hacks that will also work in your favour.

7.      Consider Purchasing in a Different Currency

Consider Purchasing in a Different Currency

If your local currency is strong against the currency of the destination you are flying to, you might be able to shave a few dollars off your ticket price by purchasing in the foreign currency.

This flight hack will only work on a site which deals in foreign currencies. Fortunately, that means most of the flight search engines such as Skyscanner and Kiwi.