Advanced Cash offers several financial solutions designed to get you out of a tight spot. We provide clients with peace-of-mind through affordable terms, transparent lending and near-instantaneous cash.

Other financial service providers often draw out the lending process through mountains of paperwork and running credit checks every few days. They may not be explained properly in the terms of your contract and may lead you to feel flustered about the rates they are offering. Even when approved, you may feel uneasy about what you signed up for, because you simply didn’t understand all that ‘financial talk’. Thankfully this isn’t the case at Advanced Cash.

Fast Turnaround

The team at Advanced Cash strive to provide you with accurate and valid information throughout the lending process. We provide quick feedback, almost as quickly as we process your application. We also provide a fast online application service and allow our returning customers to apply with a quick call or text message.

Easy To Understand

Even though we are in the business of speedy loans, we have always maintained that our loan offering solutions are easy to understand. There’s no reason to overcomplicate the process, you need cash and we are able to loan it to you. Provided you have all the information we require, our turnaround times are swift.

No Judgement 

Unlike traditional lenders, we aren’t fixated on your prior financial history. Whether splurging on an expensive holiday or generally being bad with money, we are able to look past most of this and focus on what matters most. Although important, we’d like to think you have become much more money-savvy in recent years and are responsible enough to take out a new loan. We will never judge your application purely on credit score, we are more interested in your ability to pay the loan back.

And when things do get tough, the last thing you want to see is loan rejection after loan rejection. Some lenders take a long time to assess your application, with little to no feedback through the process – this can be especially painful when you may just be wasting time. At Advanced Cash, we understand the importance of a quick response; when it’s an emergency you can’t afford to wait around. If you are looking for fast, convenient, accessible and transparent money loans in NZ, we are here to help!