Short on cash this month? Trust us, it’s quite a common occurrence. Be it at month-end or the beginning of a new month, we have all been in a tight spot from time to time and you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. Many of us under budget, fall into the trap of swiping our credit cards without considering the mounting debt or even just end up needing instant cash NZ because life happens. Whether it’s unfortunate accidents, overspending or poor planning – a short-term loan can help you quickly bring relief to your financial situation.

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from when choosing a short-term loan from Advanced Cash.

We Won’t Judge Your History 

While long-term loan providers often have to take into account your credit score and financial history, we focus on the present. As long as you meet our requirements of eligibility for a short-term loan, we promise to assess your current finances and ability to pay back only. Although we do consult back to your history, it is not the most important factor for us. Once we work our way through your records, we can evaluate how much you currently earn, what your liabilities are and how much you can afford to pay us back every month.

We Mean It When We Say Instant 

People feel conflicted about even contacting a financial provider for a loan because they assume it’s going to take far too long to process their applications and approve their loan. But you’ll be surprised to know that we mean it when we say instant. Whereas other financial providers can take weeks or even months to communicate the status of your application, we can give you feedback the same day and sometimes even transfer the money too within the same timeframe.

We Make It Simple To Apply 

Instead of fussy piles of paperwork to make your way through, our application process is quick and simple. For first-time applicants and even returning ones, we offer online applications. Those of you re-applying for a short-term loan from us can conveniently do so through our other mediums too, by either calling us or even sending us a text message. Either way, we make sure that we process your application thoroughly and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Rather than struggling through your financial woes and trying to make ends meet, choose instant cash in NZ. Taking out an instant cash loan from a reliable and trusted financial provider is probably the most responsible decision you can make in your time of need. As you are committing to a repayment plan, structuring your finances to ensure you do not default is important. We assure to provide you with clear terms and conditions of the loan and guide you throughout the process. To learn more about our financial solutions at Advanced Cash, contact us today.