With 2020 in full swing, you may be reeling at your bank account after an expensive silly season. It can leave you feeling frustrated, unsure how to stretch the little money you have left for the next month so that you can make it to February. Obviously, this does not take into consideration life, the unexpected costs that tend to creep up when you least need them too. But before you try to justify eating tinned food for the rest of January 2020, have you considered instant cash loans NZ?

Although the common misconception is that an instant cash loan is usually only reserved for a real emergency, surely trying to stomach canned tuna every day is quite dire. At Advanced Cash, we believe that an instant cash loan is for customers who need it the most, and that’s up to you. We won’t judge your slightly reckless spending behaviour over the festive period, and we can help you quickly.

Here are the many ways an instant cash loan can help you right now

Rainy Day Money 

From pesky dental emergencies to accidental falls, rainy day money will always come in handy. And unfortunately, when you need it the most, that’s when you seem to be scrambling to put together some money just to pay healthcare bills. An instant cash loan is quick, allowing you to pay off your bills without having to put off your health emergency – which can potentially worsen if you don’t get it checked out.

Just A Little Help 

Perhaps you have a baby on the way, and although it’s a wonderful surprise, it’s not exactly something many of us budget well for. There will be mounting costs until they arrive and even more after birth, such as medical expenses, diapers and clothing as they grow. Using an instant cash loan can help you purchase all the necessities now so that you can have peace-of-mind when your little one does arrive.

Car Troubles 

Maybe you took a long and memorable road-trip this summer, and while you had the best time, your vehicle may not feel the same way. Whether it’s flat tires, dead batteries or air conditioners that need regassing, car bills can become more costly than you anticipated. Taking out an instant cash loan can ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and in good working condition, without the hassle of putting yourself into more debt to try and fix any issues.

Maybe you had budgeted wisely for the holidays and life happened, either way, we can assist you in getting out of a tight spot. At Advanced Cash, we offer instant cash loans in NZ, that are fast, secure and reliable. All our costs are upfront, with no nasty surprises at the end, and we aim to be transparent throughout the application and repayment process. Apply online today.