We have all been there, bills have started piling up, and you have maxed out all your credit. As frustrating as it is looking back at all the terrible money decisions you have made previously, there is not much you can do right now than to change your bad credit reputation. It’s an embarrassing, overwhelming and stressful time. Besides the judgement of loved ones you now also have to deal with uncompromising lending institutions and banks.

At Advanced Cash though, we understand that sometimes you really just need a break, which is why we offer a comprehensive and convenient bad credit loans in NZ for clients in need.

Debt Is A Slippery Slope

Debt can become a continuous cycle and is most definitely not what the average person plans for. We all have hopes of living debt-free one day, but getting there can be a struggle. Life happens, and before you know it, you are so far behind on repayments that you find yourself hounded for money owed. Appealing to a lender’s compassionate side hardly ever works and in fact, that can make the situation even tenser.

With the unpredictability of life, from health scares to accidents, it can be difficult to manage owed money effectively.  Nobody plans on going into debt, and that’s what banks and other institutions sometimes forget. Whereas their primary concern is getting their money back immediately, at Advanced Cash we prioritise you and the payment possibilities.

Once You’re In It, What Does It Mean?

Getting shoved into the “bad credit” category is humiliating enough, but it’s a label that tends to follow you around for a very long time. It classifies you as a person, who is not responsible with money and brings into question your trustworthiness and financial stability. When a person has not made repayments on a loan for a significant period of time, such as 60 days, financial institutions can then decline any future loan applications.

This has far-reaching consequences beyond just your current finances. Not only do you acquire an unfair reputation, it greatly impacts future financial activities and can filter into other areas of your life. It may result in a negative reflection on your job application, disqualify you from receiving subsidies at your child’s school and even affect your rent application. Advanced Cash realises how taxing a bad credit situation can be, which is why we offer bad credit loans in NZ with a difference.

A Helping, Non-Judgmental Hand

We ensure that applying is always an easy process, making sure it is as seamless and timely as possible so that you have peace-of-mind knowing there are no long waiting periods to hear back from us. Advanced Cash’s peronal loans are always online, which is a convenient way for our customers to discreetly apply for such a loan. We ask for your credentials, personal information and employment status.

As the most considerate financial providers on the market, it is important for us to give people second chances instead of just rejecting every application, just because of a sometimes-unfortunate history with money. We provide feedback within 24 hours, communicate all our rates upfront and have no sneaky hidden costs to surprise you. Let us help you – contact us on one of our many platforms for a bad credit loan in NZ.